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Aztec Yellow Soccer Ball Size 5 - Clearance stock

Aztec Yellow Soccer Ball Size 5 - Clearance stock

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Aztec Yellow SOCCER BALL SIZE 5.

32 Leather Panel design.

Size 5.

Professional Heavy duty rubber bladder insert.

Hand-stitched using 100% genuine heavy duty  leather.

Average circumference of 68.5 - 69.5cm. Butyl bladder delivers top air retention.

Ideal for all weather, all surface play. Ball will come with one stainless needle for air pumping purpose.

Made in WORLD LARGEST SOCCER Manufacturing city The city of Sialkot in Pakistan is a major hub of the sport good manufacture. The country exported a total of 37.28 million footballs worth $153.018 million ahead of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but despite being the biggest exporter of footballs also Adidas, Puma and other big brands make make their soccer balls in SIALKOT also.

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